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  • Calories Movement Heart Rate Watch - CELLRIZON
  • Calories Movement Heart Rate Watch - CELLRIZON
  • Calories Movement Heart Rate Watch - CELLRIZON
  • Calories Movement Heart Rate Watch - CELLRIZON


Calories Movement Heart Rate Watch

$19.99 USD


Material: PU strap, plastic case.

Battery life: Japan lithium battery, battery consumption measurement frequency of heartbeat, if the test once a day, the battery can go at least a year.

Use: this product can measure a normal heart rate, and can according to the preset age, weight, and gender, calculate a normal consumption of calories.
Function: the heartbeat table also has several functions: time, calendar, alarm, hour, stopwatch, calorie calculator, heartbeat calculator.
When you first use, please set your age, weight and sex (set methods refer to the "time setting"), these data will be stored in the memory of table.When you began to do exercise start table built-in calculator, stop the calculator the movement, to do a few simple and easy operation, will calculate your exercise time, and according to your preset data, work out how many calories you consumed.
Principle: the heart table is to use infrared sensor, the size of the human body blood flow to realize the pulse signal transmission.
Correct test methods: when a watch on your wrist, with the right hand index finger hold the sensor that is not your finger tip, if your nails to bleach that you press too hard, holding the sensor, don't change the pressure, to maintain the same pressure, do not move your finger.
Don't measure your heart under the strong light, because of intense light will affect the measurement result, measurement, don't talk, don't activities, when you let go of the SET key measurements, please cover her finger sensor as soon as possible.

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